Customer Experience (CX)

Measuring your customers’ experience (CX) is vital to your organisation’s success. A regular feedback system doesn’t need to be expensive. However, it will help you to be aware of any issues in your products or services before they start to impact your business. A CX programme can include developing a Customer Journey Map, conducting regular satisfaction and effort surveys, or providing Voice of the Customer (VoC) feedback. All three can help organisations in different ways. Resona can develop and facilitate a CX programme to meet your needs and budget.

We specialise in Customer Experience (CX) services and will work with you to develop Voice of the Customer (VoC), Net Promoter Score (NPS), Customer Journey Mapping or Customer Effort Score (CES) research projects. An ongoing tracking study will help ensure you understand your customer sentiment and choices, and can structure your services to maximise customer retention.

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